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Man may have a word, but God has the last word

- September 26, 2018I love scripture. Mark:3 20-30. What jumps out at me is verse 26 : As powerful as fear, trials, and shadows can act like in your life to cause you to feel defeated, this is a powerful verse. Think about what they are talking of in these scriptures. They have just said that Jesus had a devil in Him. The creater of the universe. They said this bc Jesus was casting out devil's in persons. But the real truth is: verse 26, I am so happy that Satan will have his end, because it says v 26, and if Satan rise up against himself and be divided, he can not stand, but has an end. Thats what is happening right now in our world. All you hear and see will stop bc you cant have evil rise up against itsself. How can Satan cast out Satan? V 23. Take heart my friend, Satan's time is short.  U R Loved, Sarah

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