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As I start this new day, a day that we left behind a powerful, worshipping Easter experience, my heart is turned to why some will let that be just a day out of the year that they did go to a worship service, and maybe not return again until perhaps next year.

That puzzles me as I too at one time, saw myself not knowing any difference, and finding myself living like there is no tomorrow until I met the Great I AM!

I want to tell you a story of two different friends my husband and I both know. They have two things in common; actually, now two more things in common; both are Christ believers, both active in their church, and as of recent days, both have lost their wives of many years in death. But what I tell you next is the difference between these two men.

The one lost his wife in death after a long, long battle with a rare and painful cancer. He was her caregiver for the last five years of that battle. They shared many great memories together, even knowing that soon they would be only that, memories.

The second friend I will tell you about lost his wife from a sudden, unexcusable, and pain-stricken death. She left the home one morning to take her usual morning walk as she had always done. They did a light kiss and the husband said," ok, be careful".

I am here to report to you my friends, she was struck by a drunken driver as he veered over to her pathway on the country road. A hit and run. When the husband was notified of this tragic event, he ran to the scene but, no goodbyes, she passed on the way to the hospital.

We ask ourselves, " WHY LORD?' but at this point, only God knows the WHY!.

I tell you these two different stories because I want you to know; when these things happen, struggles, heartbreaks, financial ruins, no rhyme or reason, that's when you need

" A HOPE you can't live without." It is understandable that the man, loving the Lord, as both did, but losing his wife in a " SUDDEN WAY" is having a real struggle in having his faith be

" A HOPE you can't live without." My hope to you as we look at these two death situations is; what we just went through yesterday, the RESSURECTION POWER that Jesus promises us as His blood-bought children. He will see her again!.

Please let this be your HOPE in your times of hurt. Scripture gives us the words to comfort our souls. Here are just a few. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 we can offer empathy to others because of the trouble we too, have faced. That's why I wrote my book, " My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World."

Romans 8: 35, God's love is stronger than the pains of the evil world. Psalms 40:1-3 God hears your cries of pain. He is your steady foundation when everything else falls apart.

God promises that " He has overcome the evil world". John 16:33. You don't see it now, but May this blog lead you to


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