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Updated: May 13, 2022

I have often heard that a mother is always praying for her children, no matter how old they get. I know that to be the case for me as a mother of two grown boys. They are always on my mind and in my daily prayers.

But...I wondered if you ever thought that someone is praying for you? Even if you are without a mother at this time in life.

That would be the case for me. My mother passed of breast cancer nearly 56 years ago,

But I have a Facebook friend that reminds me often, that "he is praying for me."

That touches my heart, unlike anything I can explain in this blog. I ask myself? I know a mother prays, and we pray for people we know and care about, but to have a Christ-following friend, whom I have only made on Facebook, that is praying for me humbles me like no other hope. " WHAT A FRIEND!

I'm a published author, and also love to write these encouraging blogs here on my website.

I share them with many Facebook groups in hopes that those members will also be encouraged.

Friends, " Did you know someone IS praying for you?" So when it seems you're all alone and your heart will break in two, REMEMBER someone is praying for you.

When I think of the many struggles " In such a time as this". When I think that so many out there are really lonesome for a friend. They have no mother to pray for them, as I repeat, I have a friend that is praying for me.

So I ask? is your ship tossed and battered, are you weary and worn? Don't lose HOPE. someone is praying for you this very day. And peace be still "is already on its way."

Mark 4:37. Other beautiful verses: John 14;27, Mathew 11:28-30.

Someone is praying for you. Jesus even prayed for His followers that were being left behind at His departure. He knew they would face persecution. John 17:17

I know this mighty Savior, Jesus Christ my Lord, He cares and He knows just how much you can bear, He'll speak your name to someone in prayer. THEN...Someone will be praying for you.

That's why I know and can share, " Someone is praying for you". A HUGE THANK YOU to that Facebook friend, that reminds me often, " I'm praying for you."

Will I, will you, be that one that is praying for a brother or sister, or even a Facebook friend? Friends the days are evil and dark, but, don't lose HOPE. SOMEONE IS PRAYING FOR YOU.

For the King and His Kingdom... contributing writer for this web page.

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