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When we meet an old friend, the first thing we usually say is " how are you?"

Oh, 'I'M FINE, YES, I'M FINE, YES, I'M FINE...............

But really are we FINE?. Don't we need to be honest and real about what's going on in our lives?. I think all of us at many times will say that but, is it the REAL truth?

Everything and eveyone else in life changes constanly. Our lives change. Our relationships change, our health changes, the landscapes changes.

That's why you need to be anchored to an unchangeable God.

Are you lonely; confused with life; wondering what is going to happen next?

There are many in this Fallen World that have some issuses right now.

I understand and can relate. I want to address this hurt. Whether it's financial, relationships, family problems, or, just saddened by the turn of events in your life. Maybe that dream you had is vanished, you really don't care anymore.

So, we wear a mask, ( wow!) I just thought how that really relates at this season of life. So, as I started to say, " we are shaking hands with an old friend we haven't seen in a long time and, they say," hi, " HOW ARE YOU"? We are different from day to day and sometimes from moment to moment.

Well, can I tell you that we have a Savior , His name is Jesus Christ, that no matter what day or hour you would meet, talk to Him, " He is the same yesterday today and forever". Hebrews 13:8 KJV.

Jesus is the one constant in life that you can always know; He never changes. He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, He is full of compassion, mercy and love.

I love the book of Psalms. I read those chapters and I am renewed because I see how loving , and with tender mercy He shows His love to us. He is the GREAT I AM!. Always there to bring us through another struggle in our lives. ALWAYS CONSTANT!

We know from scripture that God had laws for us to obey and then all would be well with our souls. I read in Psalms 119: 126 this word: It is time for you, Lord, to work: for they have made VOID your law.

I see now why we wear a mask , ( and maybe God is saying something in this mask mandate) He say's you are not really FINE, you need my strength, My guidandece, you need Me to walk beside you. But you hide behind your hurt. " Oh, we're fine, yes, we're fine". When we are not !!

Aren't you happy that we can have a Savior that is ALWAYS the same?

He say's; " I NEVER CHANGE. " Psalms 33:11. The God of the Bible never changes.

That is why He is the only secure place man can put his faith and trust. The fact that God is eternally unchanging makes Him unlike any other being in existence.

Freinds , don't you want to have that in your life? Don't you want to shake an old friends hand and say, "I'm Fine, yes, I'm fine" and mean it.?

The only way for that is to have a close relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Will you accept this encouraging BLOG today? Let it be your answer for being the same yesterday, today and forever, because you have peace with God, that gives you peace in God. I'm praying for you.

For the King and His Kingdom.

HOW ARE YOU?...... OH, IM FINE, YES , I'M FINE...............

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