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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

How do I start..... How do I let you know that I have so many reasons to sing praises to my

precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

This has been a very difficult season of life for me and many, many of you also.

Where do I start? How do I let you know that as hard as it has been, despite all the terrible hardships, the wicked virus, the business' closing, the deaths of our loved ones, and oh, yeah even my illness!

I have always been very active in my life. Blame it on anxiety, or, blame it on type A personality.

But sometimes we have to look at our age and realize that we are not 20 years old anymore.

I've often heard that sometimes for God to get your attention, to make you listen to Him, He just might put you laying down and looking up. Yep! I sort of had to have that happen to me.

It started with a pulled groin, stayed that way for a while, seemed better, I begin to be real active again. Not a good idea. Fast forward to September. Nothing doctors suggested helped. Physical therapy, x-ray, until the MRI. Then I got the results.

I have a degenerating left hip. The femur bone is pressing into the hip socket causing pain.

So... I've been on a non-weight-bearing walker and don't see the orthopedic doctor again until Oct 13th.

BUT, I'm saying all this to tell you " NO WONDER I SING PRAISES TO YOUR NAME!"

My God, my great I AM! has sustained me through every tribulation I have found myself going through. He taught me to seek Him in a more personal way. He has shown me how my struggles brought me to an even closer walk with Him.

Friend, are you feeling hopeless from all this season of life has brought you? Then let me help you to see that God has a reason, and if you're a child of the King, it's ALL for your good.

I have sung in our church choir for nearly 25 years, and because we have steps to go into the choir loft, and because of my pain, I have not been able to be a part of the ministry that I love in serving my Savior. That again has made me see just how much I miss singing His praises.

If you will stop, look at all you've been through, you will see that it was for a reason that only God can show you. Will you let Him show you? Then you will say with me:

NO WONDER I SING PRAISES TO YOUR NAME! IF YOU are physically able, stand and lift your worship to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. " I sing praises to your name, oh, Lord, praises to your name oh Lord, for your name is great and greatly to be praised.

No Wonder I can sing "Praises to your Name"

For the King and His Kingdom.

Psalms 57:7

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