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I stated in the previous BLOG, how I was proving that when you have Jesus as your own personal Savior, you have the GREAT I AM!

There will be nothing impossible for you to go through when you have Him by your side.

I didn't have the room on that blog to finish my thoughts, so this is a continuation of the BLOG.

FRIEND, it may seem disastrous to you on the situation you find yourself in, but I'm telling you as I tell you in my true story of my life," My Christian Journey Through a fallen World" just why I can say with confidence, that the God of Israel , as I was blogging on in the previous blog; if He is your God, the God of the Bible, He has become your own personal Savior then ALL WILL BE OKAY. I know I've been there. Perhaps in many of the situations, you find yourself in. And what I can tell you is; No matter what God allows in your life, ( He does have to allow it for a reason) when you are one of His children by the new birth in Jesus as your Savior and you will come through stronger, more courageous, and more of the Christian that He intended for you to be. And we can't tell God how to get His glory.

After all, We are promised an eternal home with the Father in the Holy City of heaven forever and ever. We can only imagine, how great that will be. Never take that great promise for granted. I speak from my experience, read all about it in my new true story, I know, I've been there. WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE !.

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