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Up from the grave He arose! , Jesus my Savior. This is what EASTER is all about.

Oh, believer, how much hope we should have, that because Death Could Not Keep Him down, Jesus AROSE from the grave, and so will we that have put out trust in Jesus Christ as our own personal Savior.

Resurrection day is coming for all that sleep in Jesus. He told us in His word, that because I live again, so will you as my believers. What a time to make sure you know this Jesus , God's only son, born of a virgin, walked the earth in human flesh, and then to go to that old rugged cross to die for our sins so we could have eternal life with God the father.

As I had shown you in the previous blog, that Good Friday was the sad day, but then Sunday was coming. Hallelujah !!this is our blessed hope. A sinless Savior, died for our sins, is coming back in great power and glory. 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17 tells us that at the trumpet sound, the dead in Christ shall rise first and we that remain shall be caught up to meet Him in the air . This is the 2nd coming of the Lord. Christians, there will be a Rapture first. because scripture tells us that those that are not believers will be left behind to endure the 7 years of Tribulation Matthew 24: 21.

I love you my followers, and pray that you accept Jesus as your personal Savior, so you will not be left behind to go through the Tribulation. Revelations tells you as my new book also says much about. read, My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World, by Sarah Tyler

Jesus Arose, Just as he said.

In the tomb from Sundown Friday till 3 days later, 3 days later, Christ AROSE !!

The stone was rolled away. Death could not keep Him down,Jesus my Lord.

With great HOPE, Happy Easter. For the King and His Kingdom.

Sarah Tyler Author

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