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Well, we as Americans, celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday. As we hurry around to get the turkey, all the trimmings, and wonder if it will all be done perfectly, how about. asking yourself deep in your heart, " what am I really thankful for?"

This is a lean year for my family. Lean in the respect of no family much. The old saying, when momma is gone, things just sort of fall apart, she has that " something that just always seems right". Even though my momma and daddy have been gone since 1965-1968, whew!, I always relied on my sister Bonnie to step into momma's place. And she always did.

We always had Thanksgiving at her home, and so many of the family would all gather, yep! We had 10 siblings in the family, they dwindled down over the years and then the cousins, the 2nd cousins, etc. would come from out of town.

Now we don't have Bonnie, we don't have my brother Bill, ( last living of the 4 boys) So this year it's my husband, myself and one sister. My # 1 son is in St. Louis/ they have their own groups, my #2 son has his wife's big family/ so they go there, understandable. So, I ask myself as I'm asking you, " What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving". I know without a doubt, I am thankful for America, My Great I AM!, and my prayer is for America to return to its love for one another. Never before in my 76 years have I seen such a great divide. Let us follow out great Lord and you will have a love like never before. Think about it! He's our everything. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Amen. Sarah Tyler-Author.

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