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God Keeps His Promises'

Are you weary, are you heavy hearten ? Take it to Jesus, take it to Jesus.

He is a friend that is true. May not be the exact words of the old Christian song but

never the less it is so true.

I am like many of you, I find myself thinking, Lord why do the UN-believers, the haters always seem, ( I say seem) to be the ones that are prevailing? But then I know according to scripture, that it is just for a season. Psalms 73:17. Read the scripture before this verse and how comforting to know: Then I went into your sanctuary, O God, and I finally understood the destiny of the wicked. This gives me hope, and also lets me know as your word Lord say, Your Will and your plans will be the Promise, end results of the results.

May we as your children, rest and trust in your promises. We know our ways or not your ways, so why do we stew around and try to make our ways , OUR ways?

I love you Lord and although we are still in human body, we need to see ourselves as you see us. Washed in the blood of Jesus, given ALL authority in Christ and most of all, That you love your dear children as you lead us a long. Think my readers/followers, what we have to look forward to. Oh, that will be glory , glory for me.. It will be worth it all, when we see Jesus. !!

May your day be blessed with : The hope we as believers have in Christ Jesus.

For the King, and His Kingdom.

Please follow for more encouraging words for your life. Love in Christ,


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