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How Bad Does It Have To Get...Before God says, " That's Enough?"

Philippians 1:23 says, For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ; which is far better.

That could very easily be the desire of many Christ followers today.

Have you ever wanted to be able to look around the corner? Eyesight is an amazing and tremendous blessing designed by an all-wise Creator. But as complex and marvelous as the human eye is, it does have the limitation of being unable to see around a corner.

This applies to natural vision and our view of life's pathway. It stretches before us through different stages, including infancy, childhood, teen years, middle age, and old age.

Finally, we turn the corner that we call death. Then what will we see?

What will our experience be?

It is a reality that the pathway of life has different lengths for different people.

I'm from a large family of 10 children, My mom and dad, and 7 of the children are all gone.

Mom died at age 65, and dad at 68. One of my sisters took her life at 27. Only 2 of my sisters and I remain. I am now in my old age you would say.

So, what lies ahead or around the corner for me? I am happy to say that I can quote

Psalms 23, I am not afraid to " Walk through the valley of the shadow of death". I will feel no evil because I know that I have trusted my Savior, Jesus Christ my Lord for my eternal home with Him.

As I look at how bad this world has gotten, how nothing is sacred, how our children are raised in schools that are totally messed up, that people have to define a woman or a man. It's just out of control. A child knows more than some confused adults, it makes me say, God; How bad does it have to get before you say, " That's Enough?'

I know one of the crowns that will be rewarded to the Christ believer at the Judgement seat of Christ, where we get our rewards for deeds we served him with after becoming His child through salvation, is the crown of " looking and longing for the coming of the Rapture." To be Caught up with him in the clouds.

Don't you want that my friends? Don't you want to know you will live eternally with the Great I AM? John 3:16 tells you what you must do to have that joy. Please give your heart to Jesus the one that died for your sins. He's waiting, time is ticking away. Do it today!

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" From My Heart...I Give You Jesus" @sarahtyler3738

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