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Galatians 6:10 tells us: Therefore, as we have opportunity let us do good to all, especially the household of faith.

When other authors, bloggers, share the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord, we should as I have chosen to do in this blog, let you my readers on this website with encouraging BLOGS. share this link to you that she will show you just how much you are loved.

This is an amazing website to help you see " How great is the Great I AM! Patricia Muma, her link for her website: What she is sharing is not only for the unbeliever, but for even the believer that maybe has lost hope.

Let her please share with you. We that know the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior wants you to see how He has His plan for your life.

There is NO sin that when you come to Jesus, sincerely ask Him into your heart, to become your sin redeemer, that He will not FORGIVE. " Whosoever comes, Jesus welcomes and forgives "Revelations 22:17 Do you thirst?, do you need forgiveness, COME TO JESUS.

For the King and His Kingdom, Sarah Tyler Author.

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