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You are blessed to be a blessing. Ever wonder why some people seem to get all the breaks?

You see them ease through life, seemly, without 1/2 the problems that a lot of us others have.

Well, there may be more to this than we realize.

You see God knows the ones He can bless that will go on to become a blessing.

I found this to be true in my life. My struggling, heartbreaking, life.!!!!

The first book I wrote was a small book but true story. " SUICIDE" By Sarah Tyler

My sister was going through a divorce, and she was so in torment, not wanting the divorce. (so she thought) Her husband was not a good thing for her, she really was in a bad mental condition when she came to stay with me and my husband in Missouri. I could keep going but these chapters are a bonus in my new published book, My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World. So you need to read this new book. On Amazon, Barnes&Nobles, etc.

This book is filled with true chapters of my life. From one of ten children raised in a very dysfunctional family, to Missouri pageants I was in, to carnival life, ( you have to read @ this.) A sister with Alzheimer's, to more and more struggles. BUT...... God had His plan.

See, I trusted Jesus as my Savior in early married life ( not ever going to church) My husband to be, was 1st one to take me. Now my blessed life began, No not without these struggles that continued, but because he knew if He would bless me I would be a blessing.

My book tells it all, so I want you to read it. You'll see how it all unfolds with God's plan for my life. You have one too. He knows your name and He is waiting to bless you so you can be a blessing. For the King and His Kingdom.... Sarah Tyler-Author

He is the GREAT I AM ! Messenger of our Hope .

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