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Are you troubled, are you heavy-hearted? tell it to Jesus, He is a friend like no other.

I had so many new Facebook connections today, I began to see how really disconnected we as created beings have become. We just need to tell our stories and believe me, some really have some sad stories.

I understand because I too have had many sad stories on my journey. That's why I wrote my new non-fiction book, to let the world know that all I have been through, there was hope.

My book shares how I was one of 10 children raised in a very dysfunctional family, but I didn't know at the time that I would meet the Great I AM !. God had His plan all along.

He has a plan for you also. But you must ask Jesus into your heart, for Him to be your sin forgiver, He died for your sins. Once you belong to Him then He can unveil your plan.

Then if, you will put Him first in all you do He will make sure that ALL falls into place. It's actually a promise from the scriptures: Matthew 6:33.

How about you, will you make Jesus your own personal Savior? Let Him be your own Great I AM. Keep your eyes on my blogs, I'm all about telling souls of my Savior. Sarah Tyler Author.

Jesus is coming soon. please be ready. My book will give you inspiration on what I went through.

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