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So Glad God's in Control

Spring I am waiting eagerly for you. Where are you?

I keep thinking everyday that I awake, here you will be. But seems like you just want to hide from me.

But as I read my devotions, and my scriptures I really am glad that my great God is in control. I know the rain, the wind, and even the yucky snow is all part of God's great plan.

He has a purpose for everything. So as I wait, wait, and wait for Spring and the warm weather I love so much, I see that God is getting it all ready.

Just like with all the hatred that is on the world scene now, I know God is not happy with that among his creation, but, here again, God will have His plan.

We read in Psalms 33: 10 The Lord brings the council of the heathen to nothing:

he makes the devices of the people of none effect. That's because He is Lord.! Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. So after all, I am glad that God is in control.

Even in the valley God is good, even in the valley He is faithful and true. He leads His children through like He said he would, even in the valley God is Good !!

Trust the Lord as he takes you on your path. See the footprints of Jesus as you wait for his perfect will.

YES, I'm so Gad He is in Control.

Lord lead me to my Spring.

For the King and His Kingdom,

Have a Jesus filled day:

Sarah Tyler Author

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