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Are you going through more " stuff" than you feel like you can handle? Well. I know that feeling also.

You bring all your hurts and struggles to the Lord in prayer, you know He is able to do all things. But you wonder why does it seem like He is just not listening, He is just not answering your prayers.

I have found that He wants us at the end of our rope , where we are not depending on anyone, including ourselves to handle our problems, THEN he gets us to our very end of what we call hope, that's when we finally feel like we can't go on.

But then we fall before Him and finally say " I give up". He answer's, " Now my child, I have finally broke you . I will fight this battle for you and you only need to lean on me. Put all your trust in me". Didn't I tell you that the battle is mine, in 2 Chronicles 20:15. Set back and watch me do great miracles.

Forgive me Lord, thank you for breaking me, so you can use me in a mighty way.

For the King and His Kingdom. Sarah Tyler Author.

God's Battle does not need human's . Even through He does use us to accomplish His plan.

Bring you burdens to the Lord and leave them there.

No one cares for us like Jesus. Let Him BREAK you so He can USE you.

When you are in the process of being broken it is painful, but after you finally let Him break you then you see how He had this plan for your life all along.

As humans , we always get in a hurry to MAKE things happen, if we would WAIT, for the hand of God, we would see His plan revolving in our lives. Hope this helps you to see as my book says." My Christian Journey Through a fallen World."

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