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I was contemplating, this morning from a Facebook private message I received, from, what I considered was a Facebook friend, I had considered her really a friend . She is an author also, as I am. She has written and published a book. We became friends and met, had coffee, exchanged our books to each other. Talked about out life experiences, and that our life's journey was somewhat similar. I gave her also, free books of my first book to take to a Suicide Prevention Meet . My first booklet "SUICIDE" now included in my 2nd book, "My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World."

We both are Christ believers, so we had the Lords work to be in agreement with.

I was somewhat taken back, from her message, thinking I was following her in setting up book signings in same type of avenues that , I felt, I had been led to do by the Lord. Or posting anything on her Face Book page in reference to mind or her book. It caused me to ponder and ask a question, what makes a friend? I know we all have heard the old saying, " if you have one good friend in your life at the end of your life, you are fortunate." I can believe that statement.

For some comfort: I went to my song list of " What a Friend we have in Jesus," another one, "There's not a Friend like the lowly Jesus" , and I begin to see. Yes, Jesus, you are INDEED a friend. You, Jesus knows all about our struggles, You will guide till the day is done, There's not a friend ( there's not one) like the lowly Jesus, No not one, No not one.

The ones we think would be dearest of friend could be absent when we are deeply in need to express our fears and limitations, or challenges, but Jesus is always there to hear us. He fixes our issues, and fixes US TOO! Everyone should find this AMAZING friend!

I wrote back, asking for forgiveness if I had offended in anyway, I am all about asking for forgiveness, and knowing how merciful our Jesus is in giving us forgiveness, when we " ask Him". So I go on, knowing that because I have Jesus, no one can get me downhearted, or back into struggles, cause I have this friend, Jesus, my Savior, my life, my everything. "I love to tell the story, will be my theme in glory, to tell the old old story of Jesus and His LOVE. "

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