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My friend, the world we find ourselves living in, is certainly a hard, unstable and depairing one on many levels. But, as I read my devotions today and I see in Isaiah 43 KJV, how the Egyptians were caught in a similar situation.

They were scared and discouraged for what they thought was turning into a horrible mistake.

Moses had taken them out of bondage into a promised land, but things weren't going as they expected. Before them lay the Red sea, rugged mountains on one side and into a vast wilderness.

Do you feel like this? Do you have nowhere to turn? Do you feel trapped? Well, if you're a believer in Jesus Christ as your Savior, then you need to read " the rest of the story"

SOMETIMES; God takes a seemly impossible situation, makes a BEAUTIFUL thing out of it. Exodus 4:13 KJV says, " Stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord."

In Isaiah 43 KJV God spoke over and over how " I have redeemed you: I am God, there is no other: Before me, there was no God found; neither will there be after me".

God goes on to say V-19 " I will do a new thing; I will make a way in the desert." I have personally seen My God do this. In my lowest state of despondency, a door was opened. The thing I thought I could not go through when I prayed for deliverance, God knowing our situation says," Friend, FOLLOW TO THE NEXT BLOG. I HAVE MORE ENCOURAGEMENT.


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