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A LETTER TO GOD.....From One of Your Children

It's me, Lord, I know I am standing in the need of prayer. My heart is broken, there are hurts of many people in this evil world. And Lord, some are YOUR CHILDREN that are hurting.

I do not doubt that You care, that You know all about what we are facing here on Your beautiful creation. BUT.......... Lord, I need to ask you some things.

I speak the name of Jesus in every situation. I tell so many through my encouraging blogs, how You are everything we need and You are always watching over your Children.

Your scriptures bear witness to the fact that " You will never leave us or forsake us".

Hebrews 13:5

Lord, Your reputation is on the line as I bear these facts to the hurting and the unsaved.

How can I tell " How Great You are"? when the Saved, Born Again say, " then why am I having all the problems that even the unsaved are having? How can I give a reason for the suffering of even us, Your Children?

The psalmist says in Psalms 108: 12-13 " Give us help from trouble; for vain is the help of man. Verse 13 " through God we shall do valiantly for YOU it is that shall tread down our enemies."

I guess I'm just confused in your ways, Lord. I know you say " my ways are not your ways"

Is that the problem that we are having? Isaiah 55;8-9 NIV.

I have seen You change hearts, heal sickness, bring the rain, stop the rain, turn a broken parent's mind back to believing. I have seen You Lord, in the morning sun, the star-lit skies, So, I'm just asking........ How long, how long, do we wait for Your divine intervention?

For You to show Yourself to the crooked, untruthful workers of evil? We want to slay them!!

Are You saying to me Lord as You said to Job in chapter 38 of Job? Reminding me that You are who You say You are? And Your word to me is: "Be Still and know that I am God?"

Do I repent in the heaviness of my heart and just say," You are the great I AM", You will act when it is the time to act? To tell the tooth sayers that You are the Creator, we are your creation. We put you above whatever it may look like in " such a time as this".

I DO LORD! I surrender my all. I give You the glory due to your name. I will praise and wait for the revealing of YOUR PLAN. I will keep telling all that when we think our hearts are beyond any more burdens,............. THEN we will see the hand of God, we will see Your unfailing LOVE and MERCY. You did it for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and many more. Why would I doubt that You will do it for us?

To You be all glory and Praise my Great I AM!

From One of Your Children bound for the promised land.,

Sarah Tyler Author.

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