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I think everyone wants to know that they are loved......... Well did you know that there is no one that loves you like Jesus does.

There's a beautiful song I used to sing as a solo in church that says, " No one ever cared for me like Jesus, there's no other friend so kind as He, No one else could take the sin and darkness from me, Oh how much He cares for me."

That's what I like to think about when I feel down and wonder if there is hope in this world.

When He is our Blessed Hope and the only one that truly loves with an unconditional love.

See some people love people when they think like they think, or they show their love for them. Not so with Jesus, He loved us when we were yet in our sins.

I also love the song, " There are no Orphans". That song speaks volumes.

It say's, There are no Orphans, there are no outcast, there are no strangers, with God. If

such a thing as Grace exists, then Grace was made for lives like this.

Doesn't that speak? When you come to Jesus and give your live to Him, you become His adopted child, a child of the King. Now ! How awesome is that?

I want you to know that " No one ever cared for you like Jesus. Come to that one that died for your sins, loves you " just as you are" Love in Jesus,

Sarah Tyler Author. Read my new book:

My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World. On Amazon and other online book retailers. Bonus in this book is my first little booklet, " Suicide" both books, true stories. Will you subscribe to this blog? love to have you.

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