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Oh, how very thankful I am to live in this beautiful land. I know many are here that really do not appreciate this land that God has truly blessed, but I want the world to know that I love America!.

When you look across this land you see beauty in the hills, valley's, mountain streams, rivers, lakes and all that lay between.

We would not be able to enjoy this land we call America if not for the many, many that have died to keep us free. May we never take for granted that many suffer, many died, many have lost their loved ones to keep us here safe and free.

Lord, we honor the heroes of the faith above all else as we think of this Memorial day.

Faith of our freedom is our most valuable asset that we as Americans can treasure,

Our Constitution is to be held high and obeyed in every aspect of our worship. Lord, may we honor YOU above all and PUT YOU FIRST in our lives.

YOU alone are worthy to be worshiped and praised. IF America would come back to the God that we love, I can see God giving mercy to America as He has always done before.

We pray for America, our President and for wisdom to its leaders, that they would put America above their own wants and petty difference. Lord, we ask in our prayer to you, that you forgive us and look into out hearts to search us with your holy eyes.I ask, How about your heart?

Sarah- Author for the King and His Kingdom

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