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Updated: Sep 5, 2019

I know if you are anything like me, you have some trouble in WORRY.

But God's word tells us, " not to worry." Over and over in scripture He gives this instruction and we have the scripture to read and be informed how we are not to worry.

There are, of course different circumstance that prompt some real concern.

But even then, if we go back to His word, we know that if we truly believe in His power and His purpose, we can see that He is with us, and no matter what we think, His plan is always best. Remember He loves us and He promises to not leave us. He tells me all the time.

I have had much to be concerned about lately. As my new book, My Christian Journey Through a fallen World will show, I've been through so much with my family. Ten siblings, all deceased now except 3 of us girls. One lives away in Florida, and really is not involved in all I have to go through here locally. I have one sister, never married, all along with no one to care or help her.

So in comes me with more turmoil in my life. She has many mental problems, and now seems like she's back into drinking, in which she was totally cured of 15 years ago.

So I am here to help you and to help me " be strong and of good courage" my heavenly Father will provide all that I need to make it through one more time.

Matthew 6: 25-34 Says to NOT WORRY, We are of much more valuable than the sparrows, and look how He provides for them, they don't worry, they always find food & shelter.

I will seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto me. I know God is with me, He's proved it over and over. Trust with spiritual eyes, He is right beside me. DON'T WORRY !!. For the King and His Kingdom, Sarah Tyler-Author. Please get my book and see this great I AM !

You are more valuable than the sparrows.

Please check out my book. True story

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