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As I walked through the vitamin aisle of my local Walmart store, I couldn't help but see how many new products were on display pertaining to calmness, sleep help, stress relief, and even ones that say, " a cure-all for our many headaches" these are associated to the time we find ourselves living in.

Friends, we need to address these issues. If you are one like me and find it harder and harder to really get a handle on just why we are taking "stuff" to ease these situations, and not as a Christ believer, finding we do not turn to the great I AM for our hope instead, this is for us.

I'm a natural type A personality, so I stay with anxiety. I'm really not a worrier but my mind stays very active most of the time. I used to fill it with projects, like trimming bushes, staining the driveway, painting my fireplace, ( yeah, it does look good). But with my recent hip replacement, God has said," you don't need to focus on those things.

I said, "but Lord, I do rehearse in my mind beautiful Godly song lyrics most of the night I should be sleeping, and praying for so many hopeless souls" No, that doesn't let me off the hook!

So, going back to the sleep aids, calmness pills, more energy, and on and on that is on the vitamin aisle at our local pharmacy stores... Why do we not turn to the Lord? He tells us so many times in the Bible scriptures that we are to " be not anxious" Matthew 6;34.; or proverbs 3:5-6"lean not unto your own understanding, "Jeremiah 33:3 "call unto me, and I will answer." The promises God gives us in scripture are never-ending.

If we are still here then we are left for His purpose, we are to tell many of His redeeming Love, His sacrifice on the cross for our sins. We are responsible for sharing the good, good news. Jesus saves, Jesus Saves.

So... let us not say we're okay, and still walk the vitamin aisle

to find our relief. Let us find those in need and help a brother out. There are more suicides now than ever in history.

I know all about that from my sister's life, those chapters are in my book "My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World."

Sounds like many are either trying to prolong their lives with peace, ( vitamin aisle) busy preparing for retirement that they neglect preparing to die.

So... I ask are you Okay? seek the one that can do it without the vitamin aisle.

I'm speaking to myself also. Let Jesus meet our physical needs as well as our Spiritual needs.

For the King and His Kingdom,

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