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Just read Bible book of Job chapter 27. Boy! did this relate to what we in the Ozarks of Missouri witness last night. It was one of the worse tornado weather conditions I have experienced, personally.

It was action going on all over, not just one cell going through but several going on all at once. It would be here and then there and then, in several places at once, whew!!.

We don't have a basement so we huddled in the inter part of the house, the hall with pillows to cover our heads. I had on radio ear phones and kept hearing bad stuff in the Christian County area, Nixa, was one of the worse , and of course, where our son and family live.

Did I pray, oh yes, and God answered with His sweet assurance that all will be well.

You know, who are we that thinks we know all. And after reading Job 27 I really see how sooo in control is our God. Job 27:5 He directeth ( the sound of His voice) it under the whole heaven, and His lightening unto the ends of the earth. The chapter goes on in Verse 14 Hearken unto this, stand still and and consider the wondrous works of God.

Then V. 13 resounds with: He causeth it to come, whether for correction, or for His hand, or for mercy. I'd say we had the hand of mercy last night. Daylight brought destruction in some areas, but nothing that can't be rebuilt. AND, My family in Nixa was safe.

Thank you Jesus for Mercy as we pray and plead to you in prayer for your mercy that you can control. I give thanks and praise to my Lord and Savior. May He be your strength in times of trouble. For the King and His Kingdom, Sarah, Author.

Just what God can do !! AMAZING. TRUST HIM

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