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Dads, did you know? ...You're the anchor in a Storm...

Father's day is coming this Sunday. And dads it is to honor you. A dad-to-be, a dad to a fatherless child, or you that have been a father for many years. This day of recognition is for you!.

I've dedicated this blog to the men for every man's destiny and every woman's dream.

I wanted to start with; that you are very special. God made man in the beginning and whether you like it or not, you have a lot of responsibility as a man.

God first gave you the beautiful " Garden of Eden", Genesis 2;15, and let you maintain its beauty. He let you name all the animals that the Lord God created. Genesis 2;18-20. He walked and talked with you each day. No doubt about it, you were special to God our creator.

A book, written by PastorTony Evans calls you to be Kingdom Men. What is a Kingdom man?

The best way I can describe that is; Your whole being is made up of the things of the Lord and living your destiny in all of what God has for you, making you all about the Kingdom of God. When you are a Kingdom man, the devil hates to see you awake in the morning, and hates that other men want to be just like you!

Dads and dad-like caregivers for children are what God had in mind for you when He created " The Man." When you protect the woman in your life, ( yes, God even helped you by providing a woman to be your help meet) Genesis 2; 21-23. But, the man is to be the main person in direction and care for even the woman and the children. The children look to him as their confidence. Jesus wants men who will carry out His agenda, in governance, and guidelines in a world of crisis. Jesus wants men to rule well. You represent the King.

Women. we need to respect our men as role maker when he is following the Lord God that created us. I know many have been awol on this, but may we pray for their hearts to come to the Lord, or return to the Lord. A Godly woman can bring a man to repentance.

I can remember a time in our 57 years of marriage when I had a real struggle in letting my husband, be the head of our lives. I thought I knew better. I then remember, how on one of his birthdays, I had a cake made with the inscription on it; To :

" My Man of Velvet and Steel". I saw him as not only strong and courageous but also with a tender heart. Actually, my husband was the very first one to take me to church when we met in 1965. It was through that leading that I came to Jesus as my Lord and Savior. " God had His plan". Praise God!!

So, dad, I'm here to tell you, and hopefully, we as the woman and wife can truly see;

"Dad you are our Anchor in a Storm. " That was your destiny in the plan of God.

For the King and His Kingdom, also contributing writer for ;

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