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I really planned to write a totally different blog today. But through prayer intervention, my heart takes me to this title and blog.

My heart has been heavy for a few days, with all that is going on, I felt like I wanted to ask my heavenly Father a question, " WHERE ARE YOU"?. I just want to run to your arms, I just want to say, " come quickly Lord Jesus", take us, your children out of this mess.

Being I am all about spreading the " good news" Jesus Saves, Jesus saves, my heart turned to this blog. Don't give up on Jesus...He never gave up on you.

I just want to speak the name of Jesus. Over every heart and over every mind. Cause I know that there is peace within your presence, I speak Jesus.

Declaring there is hope and there is freedom, I speak Jesus. That's why I was confident that my new 30 day devotional with its title was so fitting. From My Heart...I Give you Jesus.

I know that my Lord Jesus Christ is the answer to your every need. So... I wanted to give you Jesus. His name is power, His name is healing, His name is life. He breaks every stronghold, shines through the shadows, burns like a fire. When we " speak the name of Jesus", He is over every fear and all anxiety, He is to every soul held captive by depression, just,

" Speak the name of Jesus".

When I think of ALL He is to us that believe, how would we ever think of giving up on Jesus?

He is always here for us.

That's when I say, " shout Jesus from the mountains," "Jesus in the streets," "Jesus in the darkness over every enemy." "Jesus for my family," I speak the Holy Name of Jesus, cause I know that there is: Peace within His presence.

His name is Power, His name is healing, His name is life.

Don't give up on Jesus...he never gave up on you, or will He ever. Isiah 41:10 " Fear not; for I am with you; be not dismayed; for I am your God; I will strengthen you, yea, I will help you; I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness.

So... If He is your God, the Lord Jesus Christ, by faith in the cross of Calvary, we need not fear. John 6:37. He is yours and you are His for eternity. Don't give up on Jesus, He never gives up on you as His redeemed, blood-bought child.

I'm glad, I decided to write this blog and not my fearful one, " GOD WHERE ARE YOU".

I know, Lord where you are. Right in our midst, when we acknowledge that " You are who You say You are. " THE GREAT I AM!.



For the King and His Kingdom,

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