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I realize that many people use a devotional book for their daily Bible studies, and I am one of those that do. I wrote one. " From My Heart ...I Give You Jesus."

But, what if you had a devotion that would cause you to study that devotional Bible scripture for the WHOLE WEEK!. Just think how much you would learn from scriptures by focusing on that scripture passage for one whole week.

Here's my example to ponder: Psalms 108:12-13.

Are you weary or you heavy laden? I know the old song that goes, " Give it to Jesus", and those are great lyrics, BUT; Annabell a widowed lady, 89 years old was thinking one morning as she began her daily struggles in life trying to keep up her 60-year-old run down-home, trying to live on her modest Social Security income, trying to be active in her church home of nearly 40 years, when she had an overwhelming urge to give up with all that was life to her.

She sat down in the old comfy, weary chair she found herself always setting in and said:

"Self, there has to be more to life than this! "

My cares, struggles are getting the best of me. I so need a word from YOU GOD that tells me why should I even want to go on?

As she opened the tear-stained weathered Bible her eyes fell on Psalms 108, verses 12-13.

" Give us help from trouble for vain is the help of man. Through God, we shall do valiantly for He shall tread down all our enemies. "

She decided that this would be her verses for the whole week. When aging pains hit her she would quote Psalms 108:12-13, She said," doctors, ( man) hadn't helped me, no man since her husband died had helped her on house repairs, even, sadly the church as much as she loved hearing the word and worship music was not her victory." This scripture would be her total answer in all situations."

It's God that would stamp out her enemies, ( satan's attacks) God would do valiantly.

She used this word all week. The victory was hers!

Find your Bible scripture, use it for the whole week. Live it; breathe it; meditate on it each day. Let it lead you to the cross. Hallelujah!. A strong Bible scripture lived out each week gives you strong help. Annabell said," I think I'm onto something great! I do too.

Try it, see how strong your walk with your blessed Savior grows and your knowledge of the

" spoken Word"

See you next week, with another word for your week.

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