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Giving you HOPE, till the storm passes by.

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

The pain is so great, my financial resources are growing thin, My friends all need prayer, and there seems to be no end to the chaos in our lives.

Is this something you find yourself pouring out your heart to Jesus more than you want to admit?

It sounds like the lyrics to a country song. I put on radio headphones as I do my early morning walk. The radio station that comes across with the most clarity is a country station, so I hear these sad, downhearted lyrics penetrating my ears.

The lyrics in country-written songs always tell life as it is. We may not like hearing those sad lyrics, I even find myself crying to the feelings they are telling me, but they are saying with clarity just how life goes.

But, friends I am here to encourage you. Give you hope that there is an answer to these sad times we are facing.

Go ahead and say what you want to say about your struggles, Jesus already knows them anyway. But, what if I told you He will change those words to words of victory if you will just let him?

God's written Holy word tells us: "I have told you these things so that you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation, But take courage, I have overcome the world. "

John 16:33 . I don't want you to think, that your struggles aren't real. I know they are because I like you, and have them also. But this would not be an encouraging blog without the HOPE that I personally, know to be true.

See our God is a consuming fire, He won the victory for ALL our struggles and sin when he paid for them on the cross of Calvary.

God never wastes a problem you encounter in your life without turning it into a victory. I love the story of the flight of Joseph in the Bible. What a struggle he had. Genesis 37-50

He had brothers that hated him, were so jealous of him, and tried to kill him, but then sold him into the hands of the Israelites for slavery passing through. Joseph eventually became a steward to Potiphar of Egypt, one of the Pharaoh's officials.

He gains the favor of the pharaoh of Egypt.

The story goes on to tell how Pharaoh's wife invited him to "come to lie with me", but Joseph would not. So she accused him saying he had tried to assault her. Landed the innocent Joseph in prison. But, that's not how the story ends. Victory happens because Joseph had a gift of interrupting dreams and he was called upon by Pharaoh to interrupt his bad dream. Yep! you got it. because of his ability to do this for Pharaoh, he was taken out of prison and made first in command during the famine in Egypt.

I love how the Bible says over and over in this story, " And it came to pass". That was God working all along for Joseph because Joseph was one of God's children.

He ends up feeding his brothers with the saved, stored grain during the famine in Egypt., which Joseph had warned about in his interruption of Pharaoh's dream.

Nope, you never as a child of the Most High, ever go through anything that God does not give the victory. So, my child, wait upon the Lord. He will deliver you.

Your HOPE till the storm passes by.

For the King and His Kingdom

and contributing writer for

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