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Updated: Oct 17, 2021

She was only 27 years old, a very pretty girl. She had been through so many problems in her short life. From living with a group of poorly chosen girlfriends to being so dishearted in the men that she became involved with.

She had always wanted to become a ballerina, I remember seeing her standing on her tiptoes in those ballerina shoes as she gracefully made her marvelous moves.

That was when we as sisters lived in the same home of dysfunctional family life.

Years passed and as life will go... she went her way, I went my way. Me into real estate brokerage work, her off to Florida, and becoming involved with a man that had been previously married with 2 children.

She married this man, and her life went from confusion to totally disarrayed. He was not a man of character or did he treat her with love.

Fast forward to 1974, and me living in a beautiful river home, married to a wonderful Christian man, having our first child at that time 5 years old. Oh, for life and how it makes its many turns,

BUT, GOD'S LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING. It did in her life @ 27 years old. She was going through a divorce and came to stay with us in that river home on the Finley River in the great Ozarks. But it took some time to let God's work take place. This account is in my book as one of the 3 chapters, "SUICIDE" part of " My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World"

Romans 8: 35-39 tells us that: Our God is LOVE. When He loves us and we give our lives to Him as Jesus Christ our Savior, NOTHING can separate us from His love.

She came to me as a LOST little sheep but took Jesus as her personal Savior. The story of course didn't end there. As you read the account in my true published book, you see that she never had a chance to see that " God Changes Everything.

I'm writing this blog, ( suppose to be an " Encouraging BLOG"), and really it is. Because even though she took Jesus into her heart she didn't realize that " nothing could separate her from Christ Jesus". You read she took her life, but, not really because her life was hidden in God's love. That day she ask Jesus into her heart, she was forever forgiven. God saw her pain, saw her need, and because she was His He took her home, one week later.

I write this blog to let you know that God's love changes everything. This sad story became a testimony for me many times for the rest of my life. Please read Romans 8: 35-39

it will open your eyes to just how much God loves us and He even gives us grace at our point of not knowing the VICTORY is already ours when we know His truth.

What a verse in Romans 8: 1 " THERE is therefore now NO condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus." This is a powerful message to all that are in Christ Jesus. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. God's love changes Everything!

For the King and His Kingdom, SARAHTYLERAUTHOR.COM


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