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IT IS NOW DECEMBER THE 8TH, I've been waiting with pain for six-plus months to have this hip replacement surgery. Today is the day. Lord, I've prayed through this decision, you know I have looked to you to let all go well. Jeremiah 33:3

My husband and I arrive at our scheduled time 8:30 am We are put into a holding room with the pre-opts of preparing for this, I thought it to be a simple surgery, everyone said it would be.

But, then Lord you wanted to show me that it is all in your hands. You wanted to display your power and receive all the glory. So You intervened with an intervention that we had no idea we would need.

Finally, at 2:30 pm ( a long day waiting to go to surgery) the call comes to take me into the surgery room. Here we go and all will be well, right Lord? Deuteronomy 31:6-8

Well, You Lord, had a different plan. As the anesthesiologist and their crew began to put in the tubes for intravenous feeding in both arms, something begin to happen. I was not put under the sedative at this point so I heard all conversations. I hear to my dismay: "what is happening to her arms? "they are turning blood red as the serum is going into the veins.

They are saying, " we've never seen this happen before". The surgeon comes in and asks, "what is the hold-up?" The crew answers, " we have never seen anything like this before"

The surgeon replies, " you are the anesthesiologist, fix it I'll be waiting". But when they had never seen anything like this before, they say, " how do we fix it?". I began to pray. Lord, please after all I've gone through, all the waiting for this hip replacement, please Lord, let it happen. I hear many voices around me making suggestions.

I hear one nurse say, "let's try warming the serum going into her veins, let's cover her with heated blankets." They began to do just that Lord. What is happening, you promised you are with me, you promised that all would be well. Please show them what to do.

You entered Lord because you were invited. The nurses begin checking my blood-red arms every few minutes, and to their amazement, the red from my arms began to dissipate, they were miraculously back to normal. The surgery could resume. Praise God! My wait is over, the next words I heard before the mask was put over my face were, "Let's GO!

It was not until several hours later, after recovering from surgery, was there a suggestion of what was going on with my blood-red arms. I've always been cold-sensitive and Lord you used that to show your glory. You let our prayers and the intervention of your mighty power show the nurse crew that the serum needed to be warmed, my arms and body needed to be covered with extra heated blankets, and because you gave them that knowledge, the miracle occurred. I could have the surgery go forth. Many can make light of events that take place, but, Lord I know it was YOU!... "You deserve the glory and the honor, I lift my hands in worship and I bless your Holy Name. Yes, you are great! you deserve the glory, all the honor, I lift my hands in worship and I bless your Holy name. Cause you are great! you do miracles so great!.. there is no one else like you. No... one.. else... like you." YOU DO MIRACLES SO GREAT!! Thank you, Lord, for this MIRACLE. I am recovery from rehab and every day I remind myself, "YOU DO MIRACLES SO GREAT!!."


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