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It was a beautiful Fall Saturday in October as I made my way over to my brother Bill's home to do the caretaking I had always done since he had become more and more feeble.

He was 86 years old now and that last fall he took seem to usher in a wave of problems.

My biggest concern for him was his destiny.

I had talked many times to him about how much God loves us and that He sent His son, Jesus to die for our sins. Romans 3:23 we are all born in sin.

It would never register to him, UNTIL this Saturday in October.

I went about my usual chores, emptying trash, sweeping his dirty messy floor, but, first making him his favorite breakfast; egg, toast and, a cup of coffee. It was always the same. Egg soft, toast with jelly, and coffee with cream and 2 artificial sugars.

This Saturday became different. I was being prompted by the Holy Spirit to talk again with Bill about his destiny.

I finished my work, then said, “Bill I want to tell you something that happened to me back in 1969. He became all ears. I pulled my chair up close to his chair, (he was so hard of hearing)

I began to tell him how I had heard the gospel over and over, not understanding why I need a Savior. Then one evening I took my Bible and went out of our bedroom, opened the scriptures to 1 John 5: 10-12. I saw then that I had head knowledge but not heart knowledge. I asked Jesus to be my Savior, to forgive me of my sins.

He said as most sinners do; "O, those preachers they just want your money, they are only out for themselves."

I repeated, that God had spared him so many times, to let him have THIS DAY.

You can read this account in-depth in my true memoir book. “My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World”. I reminded him of the near-death times he had. I told him, not all of those preachers are true, and when they stand before the Lord, telling all they have done in Jesus' name, He will say, “depart from me, I never knew you.” Matthew 7:21-23.

I remember standing up and saying, “I’m going to pray for you.” I don’t recall all I said, but, Bill began to weep and weep. His nose was running, he was in deep despair.

When I finished, I ask, "Bill, if someone came by here a week from now and ask, “Where would you go if you died” what would you say? He wiped his tears, and said, “Heaven. I said,” why would you go to heaven?" " He said, as he wiped his eyes and nose again.

“Because I ask Jesus into my heart.” O, friend how glorious and merciful is our Lord.

Bill lasted until November 2nd. But, now I know where he is. His days were in God’s hand and by God’s mercy, He settled Bill's destiny.

Please ask; what must I do to be saved? GOD HOLD’S YOUR DAYS IN HIS HAND.

I'll see Bill again because of that Saturday in October " He invited Jesus into his heart."

For the King and His Kingdom, Sarah

Read this testimony and many other heart warming chapters in my book.

" My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World".

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