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Hang on...God will take you through the Fire Again!

I don't even have to ask: as you read this latest encouraging blog, that many of you are going through a rough, or trying struggle. After all, it is the " end times".

What's the old saying? " you are in a battle, just came out of a battle, or, hold on, you'll be heading into a battle. "

This is so true for all of us. But, hold on, I'm reassuring you, that if you know our mighty God, creator of the universe, " He WILL take you through the fire again".

Many that know me from social media or my posts, are aware that I love the book of Psalms.

It's my absolute go-to for my life as I like you find life hard and life seems to be getting rougher all the time.

I read in Psalms 107 verses 28-29 " Then they cry out unto the Lord in their trouble, and He brings them out of their distresses. He maketh the storm a calm so that the waves thereof are still."

Yes, He does. I have witnessed this many times throughout my Christian life.

Do you know that when you pray you are talking to the Great I AM? He knows what you need before you ask. If He closed the mouth of the lions for Daniel, parted the red sea for Moses, made the sun stand still for Joshua, open the prison doors for Peter, put a baby in the arms of Sarah, and raise Lazarus from the dead THEN He can certainly take care of you! NOTHING you are facing today is too hard for God to handle.

Because I believe this and know it is true, I can find my hope in my Lord to take me through the fire again, and again.

Will you think about times you were hurting so badly, times you had no resources, you wondered how you could see another day, and then remember, how this great mighty God, brought you through? Folks, it's trusting Him, He loves his children. He never promised the cross would not get heavy, or the hill would not be hard to climb, but hang on, He'll SHOW UP and He will take you through the fire again.

My trust is; before it gets really any worse in this world, He will show up, as he promised, and take us not through the fire, but out of this world into His glorious Kingdom.

Praise God!

For the King and His Kingdom contributing writer for

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