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How Do You Continue Life... Without The Love Of Your Life?

Updated: Jun 19

It was only one month yesterday that my husband of 59 years was drawn upward to the everlasting home that we as Christ believers await anxiously.

How do I say the words that are on my heart as I grieve the loss of the love of my life?

I imagine many of you reading this latest blog have been through similar emotions.

We had our final conversation, we bent over them with tears that would not stop as that loved one stayed so calm and told us we would be okay.

He knew as I also have known that he was going to his eternal home prepared for him by our heavenly father. John 14:1-3 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you, I will receive you: where I am there you may be also. ( paraphrased some to make it current).

My husband was a man of integrity, a man that anyone who met him, loved him and felt as if they had known him for years. He was just that kind of guy.

He always said, " he could tell if someone he was talking with in his business was a Christ believer within a few minutes of speaking with them. He said, "your spirit just connects to their spirit. " And if they weren't believers, he had a way of making sure that person knew there is a Savior that loves them deeply.

Being in the Hair Replacement business for 40 years, he called his barber chair"anointed" it was "a witnessing barber chair". That had to please the heart of Jesus.

I am trying to go on with the life he left me with. He said I was strong! I know I have been through many heartaches with the family I grew up in, so he found that to be what he called strong.

My tears tell me I'm not. Only through the strength that Jesus gives me. When I am weak then he is strong. 2 Corinthians 12:9 Because it tells us that when we are weak, God's grace is most powerful.

God was so gracious to give me a soul mate that was filled with Jesus from the

young age of 13. He was the one to take me to church for the very first time at age 20.

There I heard for the first time that there is a Jesus who died for our sins, Romans 3:23, all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. That is me, friends that is you.

I will see the Love Of My life again because we were both Redeemed children of God by faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior.

Is it hard to go on without the Love Of My Life? I can say with a resounding YES!

I am told it gets easier, but it's hard for me to believe that right now.

Because I believe in a Rapture of the Church, The children of God will be caught up before that great day of wrath the Bible speaks of, 1 Thessalonians 4:16 I find myself studying more intensely about that great event. I can't wait for the Rapture to get to be reunited and see " The Love Of My Life"

Until then... my heart will go on singing, until then I'll carry on. Until that day, my eyes behold that city, until the day God calls me home and I see " The Love Of My Life" again. For the King and His Kingdom

Contributing writer for

Our Beginning days :The love of my life since 1965

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Rainer Boegner
Rainer Boegner
Jun 18

Dear Sarah, Some things I allow me to say, I see at differently. You husband did not leave you. He went ahead to prepare a place for you and him. And this time it will be the most beautiful place. You and I cannot even imagine how beautiful it will be. So, please, have patience. When you really "leave somebody, then you don't come back. And this is not the case here. Why should he leave you? God bless you. Now, don't "only" believe, "trust". Not enjoy, "joy" it. Enjoy is only a moment. Always thinking of you. Your little Rainer.


 Sarah Tyler Author
Sarah Tyler Author
Jun 17

Always a great word my friend. I know God is teaching me to “ Let go and let God”. I'll learn to wait better through it all.


Rainer Boegner
Rainer Boegner
Jun 17

Oh Sarah, what can I say. With words I cannot explain your sorrow. When you suffer, I suffer. One thing I am sure, you don't have to wait to see your husband. He never left. He never would do this - and Jesus would not allow it. Your husband is right here, beside you, above you, everywhere where you walk, sit, rest, drink or sleep. He is there. Please concentrate on this spirit and you will have a warm, gentle and calm feeling coming from your husband. When I concentrate on your husband I can feel him. It is wonderful. But I don't want to take his place away from you. God bless you. Connecting to your husband now (through…

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