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I Speak Jesus... Will you listen?

I don't think ever in my many years here on planet Earth have I been more inspired to tell all that will listen, that You need Jesus!

I would tell you, that He is the Beginning and the End. What the Bible terms, The Alpha and Omega. And I would tell you, God asks no man whether he will accept life.

That is not the choice. It would help if you took it, The only choice is HOW!/

I go back to my childhood days and remember all the crazy things that happened in life.

The fun times at junior high school and the pageants I entered to promote my then desire to be a popular singer.

All those times were my life and I never dreamed they would no longer be important as I traveled through struggles and un-surmountable chaos.

Little did I know that there was a much better life that I discovered when my path took me to the cross of Jesus.

That's where I am today. Here's what is the most important words this writer of Christian books, and encouraging blogs can ever tell you.

I SPEAK JESUS! Please don't tune me out because you think. " Oh, another radical Jesus person trying to bring the gospel to me." No, you see, I have tasted of His many promises and seen His might work among His people and there's no turning back for me.

When we were born, God already was. Whether we ruin our lives with sin and debauchery or whether we live in complete surrender to Him, God is. When we die, God will still be. Our coming, being, and going have no effect on God.

We choose every day whether we will live by our own liking or live in surrender to God, who holds our time in His hand. He gives us the freedom to make this choice.

I have decided I want no other way but the way of Christ Jesus who gave His life for my sins. I have decided that we do have that choice and because he has died for me, as he has died for you, I have chosen Jesus. I will until I pass from this life to everlasting life,

GIVE YOU JESUS. What will you do, my friend with this Jesus? You have a choice, Come go with me and until your departing day, say, I speak Jesus.

Sarah Tyler -Author of Christian Books.

NOTE: The Suicide chapter's an ebook is now added to the My Christian Journey Through A Fallen World. My Memoir. On Amazon, other online sellers.

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