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Let me tell you about MY JESUS!

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

In spite of all my life struggles, my being raised in a dysfunctional family of 10 children, and having to live my life without friends, because dad wouldn't allow us to have any.

He said," because we have brothers and sisters to play with." We find out later, it was because he held a secret. " ( revealed in my published book.)

So this is why I can write this encouraging blog and say:

I'm here to tell you about my Jesus. Jesus Christ, God's only begotten son weaved His way into my life many years later from my childhood.

I was never allowed to attend any church while I was being raised by my dictator dad and mom that was afraid to allow what dad said no to.

But...God. More of this in much detail is written in my memoir book,

" My Christian Journey Through a Fallen world."

See when God has His plan nothing can STOP it! As I grew and finally was able to get outside of my family's work, ( we had a carnival) and all kids worked for dad, at NO pay!

I had gone to cosmetology school. Got my license and went to work at a beauty shop.

Crazy, but this was God's plan. I met my now husband of 58 years, he was a believer in Jesus. Hmmm... Yes, "I got saved." That's why I can tell you about MY JESUS!

I love to compare my life to a lighthouse. I was a ship that was lost, then when I saw the light I totally found my way. First, it was head knowledge. I knew all about Christ Jesus and how he came to be our redeemer, Savior. But it was several years later that I read in

1 John 5: 11-12. "He that has the son has life, he that does not have the Son, does not hath life. " I had a head knowledge but hadn't applied it to my heart, personally.

That's why Jesus was my LIGHT. Just like the lighthouse is the safety of the lost ships, Jesus was my lighthouse. As the song says: Without Him, where would this ship be?

I started this encouraging blog with, " let me tell you about my Jesus". Can you tell me about YOUR Jesus? I write these, " free to read" encouraging blogs to help you find the one that died for you. The Jesus of the Bible that was sent to be our sin forgiver

Will you let Him be your Lighthouse? Remember: without Him where will you be.?

I did a podcast for "Eternity, Where will you be?" please look it up. contributing writer for and podcasts on " From My Heart ...I Give you Jesus".

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