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Let Me Thank You Again, Lord Jesus.

There's a beautiful Christian song that is sung today, written by David Stoker.

It came about from all he had gone through. He actually had hit a bottomless pit in his life. He had ended up in a mental institute, he saw no end to his nightmare.

It's titled..."Let Me Thank You Again, Lord Jesus."

That's what I want to do in my life. I hope you do too.

Sometimes it takes that in one's life to bring us back to the God of our salvation.

I know how life can throw us many curves in our life. Being I have been there, many times in my own life. My memoir " My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World." Book.

I can honestly say that after all, I found myself going through, I saw He was there all the time and brought me through. So...I want to Thank You, Lord Jesus.

" Let me repeat: Let Me Thank You Again, Lord Jesus.

Let me Thank You Again, Lord Jesus, for saving me from what I might have become.

Let me Thank You, Lord Jesus, let me thank you again.

You gave me a brand new beginning when you freed me from all my sin and shame. Yes, You gave me a reason for living.

From worry and fear, I've been set free. And now I have sweet peace within. Your Spirit strengthens me for my tomorrow, I want to thank You, Thank You again.

I acknowledge, that many of you out there reading this encouraging blog, are saying " I have had all I can take. I have hit bottom! But, If you have Jesus as your sin redeemer, Savior from your sins, then there is always HOPE!

May I tell you that when I go through those " Hit Bottom" times, I really try to focus on: that they are temporary compared to what lies ahead for me as His Born Again Child.

I am a child of the Great I AM! All the promises that are in His word tell me that as His child I am not forgotten, And His promises are mind.

How does a King give me these great promises? Because He loves me and He will bring me through.

That's why, I say, " Let Me Thank You Again Lord Jesus". Ecclesiastes 11:1 is an interesting scripture. "Cast your bread, (To me this is God's word.) upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again."

I have learned that when you do something good without expecting much in return, is when you cast your bread upon the waters. Who knows how the favor will be repaid?

Please: If you are a child of Jesus, say with me, " I Just Want To thank You Again, Lord Jesus."


Writing for the King and His Kingdom.

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