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Little Children...Come unto Me.

I know scripture tells us, we that have trusted Jesus as our own personal Savior

are called "His children."

But today, I want to address the little children Jesus spoke of in Matthew 19:14.

When we look around today at the evilness that has overtaken our world, we can't help but cry out to our great I AM and pray for protection for all the little ones.

The ones from 5-6 and on up to the teens.

There are so many disturbed children in our world, whether it be from hunger, abuse, or just plain no care for their wondering minds. Social media has been a tool used by Satan to corrupt their minds.

Most of us reading this blog are older now. We can remember our growing up, our laughing times, our playing with friends, and just the comfort of a mom and dad that we knew loved us.

It's much different now. The young children have been introduced to a " different kind" of raising. If you are reading this and have been raised in a " safe world" then you know what I'm addressing.

Where this scripture text was taken in Matthew 19:14 there were even the disciples that didn't think the children should come unto Jesus. But, Jesus said," Suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of heaven.

Please let your children come to Jesus. Please get them under God's word and teach them in the way they should go. Let them know that He loves them like no other.

Let them understand that as much as you a parent love them, you can never love than like Jesus can.

I have an almost nine-year-old grandson, who plays super good baseball, smarter than a tack but there is so much friction in the schools. He has a profession of Christ in his heart at age six. I know if this was totally real to him, then Satan wants to defeat him like no other.

He's had a bully, he's had a conflict of hatred from other students, and the amount of time his parents let him be on social media, even motoring that, he still has low self-esteem of himself. Friends this should not be. But, it is in today's world.

May we indwell this love of Jesus as we have never done before? May we be the parents, and grandparents that are not part of the " WOKE generation?

Will you join me in lifting your children, and grandchildren before the throne of God daily, letting them know that, "nobody loves them like you do Jesus? Let them know: Nobody loves me like you love me, Jesus. "

Little children, God wants His Kingdom to be made up of ones like you. Little children receive Jesus with a sense of awe, wonder, and joy.

This is what heaven will be made up of. We that come to Jesus must come as a child does.

For the King and His Kingdom, is also a contributing writer for

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