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Lord, If Thou Will...

How many of us have put this IF in our prayers when we pray?

I know I have been like this so many times in my prayers. I know that our Mighty God can do the impossible, so why would I think that He would even let us put an IF in our prayer request? Knowing that He wants to help us.

When we read the Bible scriptures in (Mark chapter 1: 40.) It speaks to this IF!

It tells about the man that came to Jesus with leprosy—begging for help. " Jesus, please help me with my leprosy, and " IF thou will thou can make me clean" There's that IF word again.

Leprosy is a comparison to our sin even today. And in our sins, we ask Jesus to wash us make us clean, and help us to be better followers of the Great I AM!

What a beautiful comparison we can learn from this man with leprosy and our sin. Both tell us how to come to Jesus. Leprosy, which causes separation from fellowship with the pure.


; In deep humility and unworthiness, we must come to Jesus in faith, and by His power be cleansed from our besetting sins. We need the touch of the master's hand. All of our thinking "We can fake it till we make it," just will not work. We need Jesus, the one that died for all our sins. He is our redeemer, friend, and Savior.

I love how The answer to the Leper, Jesus said, " Thou Will." So what can we expect from Jesus?

" Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them (" Hebrews 7:25. ")

Since Christ constantly intercedes for us, we can depend on Him for continual victory over sin.

Lord, may I make this my daily practice. Let me not doubt that I don't need to add " IF thou will" because I know you are interceding and doing what is always best for my situation and my ever-besetting sins. What a Savior; is Jesus Christ my Lord? AMEN, and AMEN!

For the King and His Kingdom

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