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You may be like me, that you dearly hate to drive on these big interstates, the new construction turn-about's, the fly over's, the new four-to-five lanes, and many exits and entrances onto the highway. Whatever happened to the two-lane highways, better yet the peaceful country roads?

I want to talk to you today, friends about the greatest highway you can ever be on.

God's word speaks of, the last days of this earthly life, the final days that you and I will travel our own journeys. Scripture speaks clearly of " the last days" continue...

We know that the scripture says, " in the last days, there will be

turbulent times". 2 Timothy 3:1. . I think you will agree, we ARE in those days.

So how do we prepare to face what is happening and what is even to come?

Only one way to do that friends, be on the RIGHT highway. I'm not speaking of

those four and five lanes, those turn about's, the fly over's. I'm talking about the only highway that should be our concern.

I know you are thinking; there she goes again telling us that; we need to make the main thing, "Jesus." to be the MAIN thing. But, friends, He does. I hurt just like you do. I feel discouraged at times, I wonder; Lord, when will You change this evil world? Why are You still allowing the hurts and pains to Your children ?

Then... I remember; a storm has a beginning and an end. It's been said, a tornado will last but seconds, people report, like a train noise, then it was gone. So hang on my child, joy cometh in the morning. Psalms 30;5 . weeping may indure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. That's when I know that my focus has to be on that highway to heaven.

I really, will avoid the big interstate highways, the NEW changes that are in progress. I will keep my eyes on the one that died for me. There's a quote that I fully understand; " When God is your problem, only God is your answer." America/the world/ are you listening?

I'm on that " Highway to heaven" I plead with you my friends, " are you on the Right highway? The Highway to Heaven?"

For the King and His Kingdom and contributing writer for

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