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WELL; .............................

I guess you are like some I see on social media. You are asking, " where is God in this terrible crisis?" Why is He letting many people die, letting the world go emotionally into chaos? Well, He's right here waiting to do His MIRACLE. You are Great! You do Miracles so Great, there is no one else like You. You are Great! you do Miracles so Great!. You deserve the Glory, You deserve the honor, so we lift our hands, in praise, there is no one else like you.

Do you not understand that God is more interested in your soul than in your comfort? Do you not know that He is waiting for His own believers to come back to their first love, ( the Lord Jesus) If you are one of His blood-bought children, are you where you need to be? or have you gone astray with living like the world? Do you support the culture of today's world?

Are you like the disciples in the boat as the storms started ranging? They had Jesus on the boat with them, they awakened Him and said, "Lord, do you not care that we perish,"?

Mark 4:37

Jesus stood up and told the winds and waves to hush!!. They then said, " oh my gosh! even the winds and waves obey Him. Matthew 8:27

As with this coronavirus, it will also obey Him. And we will know that " IT WAS HIM " that drove it out. Then it's time for us to tell of this MIRACLE. There will be chatter on the streets, on media, (most media) saying, " only our GREAT GOD COULD DO THIS. Because it will go suddenly. God uses many things to accomplish His will. Sometimes man, but for Him to get the GLORY, it will be no question that it was by a MIRACLE.

THEN: My friend, it's our time to PRAISE HIM; tell of our testimonies; bring our hearts back, or in some cases to Him. So how about you, are you ready for that MIRACLE?. Give this world BACK to GOD. He's waiting and waiting...... We will know it was HIM Because He IS GREAT: HE DOES MIRACLES SO GREAT!!

For the King and His Kingdom,

Sarah Tyler Author.

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