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They said it was impossible,...But, God, they don't know you like we do.

I'm about to tell you a true happening that most would say, " that's not possible".

But you see when the parties involved know the Great I AM, then we can say with confidence, " move the immovable, change the impossible, God we believe, we believe you'll do a miracle".

That's just what God did in this story. It's not a coincidence, it's not a well, maybe, no, " it's a miracle."

See my son had under contact his home and it was contingent on the closing of his home to make the one they were purchasing close. To add to the confusion: the buyers for their home had a contingent contract on the one they were selling in order to purchase my son's home.

In real estate, we call this a 3 chain effect that must all come together in order for all 3 to close as scheduled. All in one day!

My husband and I went over Thursday evening, the day before the closings to help with last-minute cleaning, etc. The Uhaul was packed, and our son and wife were in distress. Our son said, " well, we may be doing all of this for nothing". Why? we ask. He begin to tell us that their buyer's house contact on their home had hit a snag with the VA lenders. When we saw all that was already packed, and closing to be TOMORROW @ 10:00 am, we said, "IT WILL CLOSE".

Now as my reader would say, that doesn't sound possible. In any other case, I would have to agree. But...God. That's just what He did. We begin to pray. I contacted my prayer groups, they began to pray for what had to be a MIRACLE. to happen in one day. And the VA just doesn't call a lender on behalf of the VA buyer, EXCEPT in this CASE! THEY DID!

I want to include in this blog one of the powerful prayers that a dear friend in "God is Love" wrote on Facebook. Debbie Jo Blackwell. I ask permission to share this prayer because it is the Kingdom kind of prayer that God honors. When we believe for it, He moves the immovable, breaks the unbreakable, He has the final say. You said it, I believe it, God your name is POWERFUL! Please read this prayer and see how there was no doubt that we

meant Kingdom business with the Lord.

I will forever give Him praise for all three home closings that happened that next day as scheduled. God, You changed the impossible, You moved the immovable because we believed in the power of Your name. We saw a MIRACLE, You said it, we believed it. It is done. The prayer by Debbie Jo Blackwell:

Abba Father, You know what this family has been through. Right Now Lord they need you to do the Possible when man says it's impossible. Lord please move in a Mighty Way and get all the paperwork lined up and correct that it may be signed today. Provided there is a problem with something else Lord please make a way for everything that has to be done to close on this house today to be a done deal and ready at the same time of the signing. Lord, we Love You and

Praise You for handing them the keys to their new home today without any issues. For we know it is already done.Right Now!

In the Mighty All Powerful Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. and all God's Children Say


They said it was IMPOSSIBLE, But, God they don't know You like we do. Luke 1:37

For the King and His Kingdom.

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