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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

In several places in scripture, we are told about the miraculously healing by Jesus. An example of the woman with the issue of blood is in Matthew 20:22.

NO DOUBT... Jesus is a healer, as HE is God our creator, in the flesh.

As I was thinking on so many in this uncertain time that needs the touch of the master, I began to think, how not just physical healing is needed by many with the terrible Covid-19 virus, but also actually even more important as the day of the Lord gets closer and closer a HEART HEALING is so needed.

We find ourselves as never before, that I have witnessed, having such a HEART ISSUES. Never before have I seen such hatred between brothers and sisters.

Why would this be? Because the scriptures tell us in the last days, perilous times shall come. Sin and lawlessness will abound, people will be lovers of themselves full of greed and with no mercy. The evil will show its ugly head, pestilences will be everywhere . 2 Timothy 3:1-7.

So.... what are we to do about this ugly time and the terrible unrest, and the issues of a sinful heart? From my heart, I need to warn you my friend that there is a Savior, His name is Jesus. He loves you so much He was willing to leave His throne in Heaven, come to earth and take ALL your punishment for your sins, and thereby making your heart as white as snow, "therefore there is NO CONDENSATION to those in Christ Jesus" Roman 8:1. Meaning, Just as though you've never sinned. Only Christ alone can do that.

As bad as your physical pain may be, and my heart goes out to those suffering from this virus, cancer, Alzheimer's, severe joint pains, and the hundreds of other many illnesses. The one issue that will keep you out of Heaven is the HEART ISSUE. When Jesus becomes your Savior, your redeemer from your sins. Romans 3:23, you are eternally bound to heaven to be with Christ forever and ever. No more sorrow, no more pain. Revelation 21:4

Friend don't be left behind, don't let this evil world and then Hell be your destiny. Come to Jesus, there is room at the cross for you. Time is short, signs of His return are growing closer and closer. You may not believe this blog, but as one person I knew, put it, " WHAT IF THIS IS TRUE". By the Holy Spirit, I tell you IT IS. Jesus is waiting, what's inside your heart?

For the King and His Kingdom, Sarah Tyler Author

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