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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

This is a so real blog for you my friends, as I am human and have many flaws as we all do.

I have a Savior that is Jesus Christ my Lord, I have every reason to know from my many past experiences, many trials, struggles, that He always, always brings me through.

So, why am I struggling in this time of chaos that we find ourselves in?

Blame it on the pandemic, blame it on my aging life, blame it on what I call absolute ignorance of many people, blame it on the false information that we the people have resonating into our life each day, or just name something that you want to blame it on.

But, I knew the Bible scriptures, knowing they were breathed on as the writers wrote under the leading of the holy spirit, and knowing that Our great God is sovereign in all that He does, I have no sound reason to feel as I find myself. I'm the one that is supposed to be writing encouraging blogs to help you, folks. Encouragement to make it through your times of trouble. Forgive me when I fail. BUT....................

I give you Jesus. When I pray, I feel as Jesus must have felt when he prayed right before his crucifixion, who prayed, ' My Father, if it is possible, let this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will "Matthew 26:39.

His heavenly Father knew this must be, it was ordained to be our redemption for the sins of the world. So I give you Jesus, the one that can make it possible to go through, " TRUSTING GOD EVEN WHEN LIFE HURTS. " It hurts me right now, but I am assured my great I AM! will make the path that lays before us straight as it is now so crooked. Oh, to have the mind of God. Lord, lead us into the victory, that we know from Bible scripture; YOU have already won that VICTORY. AMEN.!!!

For the King and His Kingdom, Sarah Tyler Author.

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