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What would it take for you to Believe in the God of the Bible?

I'm tackling a subject that many and even I will admit sometimes even me, have struggled with. I'm the person that chooses to write encouraging blogs to help many in these chaotic times we are living in.

I know that it was no doubt God's plan that led me on the path to understanding, finding Him as my personal Savior. I speak of this in-depth miracle in my published book,

" My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World".

I was child number seven of ten children and was raised in a very dysfunctional family. A tyrant dad, and a sweet momma that was afraid of our dad. This created children not knowing any love of a dad and being always scared to make any friends.

Church people would come by our house and ask if they could pick us children up on the church bus for Sunday school, but we were never allowed to go. WHY?.. I wondered.

I won't go in-depth here, it's all in my true published memoir. " My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World" You'll read about "Secrets of my dad."

But, my thoughts today are: What will it take for you to believe in Jesus, God's only son, that came in the flesh to save us born sinners? I know you have heard this gospel many times. John 3:16. When will you believe?

My salvation was when I later in life met my now husband of 58 years. He was the first one to take me to church. Did I accept Christ as my personal savior? No, not till three years after we were married.

WHY? Because I couldn't believe that I needed a Savior. I led a very strict lifestyle, and thought "What sins". But, friend we were born sinners. We inherited it from Adam and Eve. Disobeying God in the garden, tempted by Satan.

I found Christ from waking in the middle of the night and turned in my Bible to

1 John 5:12-13. There I saw " he that has the son has eternal life, he that has not the son has not life. " So, I ask you do you have life in Christ? I didn't. But, I did that night!

What would it take to believe in God/Jesus the Savior as your life to spend eternity with Him forever? You're going to die, or the Rapture will happen. Don't be left to see how terrible it will be after the children of God are gone.

My prayer is, that whoever reads this or watches my podcast on Youtube, " From my heart..I give you Jesus " will see the light. Sarah Tyler-Youtube.

AMAZING GOD? Parted the sea for Moses.

For the King and His Kingdom contributing writer for

My published true-story memoir is on Amazon, other online booksellers, And Barnes and Noble in Springfield, MO.

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