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When Things Go Wrong... Who You Gonna Turn To?

You have heard it said, "We're all in this together". But what does that really mean?

I have been a Christ believer since 1969. I took Jesus as my Savior, my personal Redeemer after struggling with not understanding why must I be saved.

I was raised in a household of ten children, a tyrant dad and a submissive mother. We as children learned to be quiet and obey my daddy's word.

We never had any church or even someone to tell us much about Jesus and why He came to give us freedom from our sins. And what sins would that be? We led a very sheltered life, didn't know what wearing shorts, talking to a boy, or doing anything that was part of the world.

But the reason I am telling you this story of my up-bringing is because it let me search for the right answers in all that I went through. Those answers eventually came when I had my first job.

My now husband of 58 years invited me to church. Bet you think that brought me to Jesus? not really, it didn't untill three years after we were married.

I am telling you all this to tell you what has become my mission in helping others to find Jesus and also to bring you through those rough times that surely will come.

This has been a season in my life that has tested my faith like never before.

We take our health for granted, untill we have health issuses.

Mine was in the way of my husband. He started with kidney stones Two surgeries later, got through that but because of complications afterward, not necessarily physical but emotionally.

He began to think that his life of 84 years old was ready to end. Lost lots of weight, saw wrinkles appear, memory became blurred, plus other doubts in what his Jesus would do to help him.

What I've learned to pass onto you my reader. WHEN THINGS GO WRONG!

(1) Don't demand to understand what is happening. Isaiah 50:10 He is God you are not.

(2)Don't fail to be faithful.... Philippians 4:13. He remains faithful even when we do not.

(3)Don't bow to bitterness. Hebrews 12:15 and Ephesians 4:31 Don't fall short of the grace of God to show us the way.

(4) Don't rush God. Peter 3:8 We are reminded that our timing doesnot match the timing of our Lord. What you may feel is a lifetime, God sees as one day or a thousand years.

I love Genesis chapter 39 the account of Joseph and all he went through. But God, verse 21 lets us know that God showed mercy and gave Joseph great favor through the actions taken by becoming the keeper of the prison. God will help you also in ways you may not see, until later.

So do you see why I can trust my Lord,? I can wait upon my Lord. He is in total control.

Will you turn to Jesus when THINGS GO WRONG? Psalms 108: 12-13 Please read and you'll see: When tThings Go Wrong..Who you Gonna Turn To.?

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