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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I read a story recently of Leonardo da Vinci, the great Italian master painter, sculptor, etc.

It talked about how he used live models to pose for that most master paintings of the

" Last Supper"

He looked for ones in his church to be live models. As he looked up into the choir, he saw a man that to him resembled what Jesus would have looked like. He asks him to come to his studio and pose for the picture. The man agreed. Then he looked for each disciple, a Peter, Matthew, a John, a James, each of the disciples, and ask them to pose for his painting. They each agreed.

He had found a resemblance of each of the disciples, he thought they would have looked like...........

UNTIL he came to Judas. He went looking high and low for that particular person that he thought would resemble Judas. He walked the streets, looking everywhere. It was eleven years later of the famous painting the " Last Supper" when.........

Finally, he came across a man on the streets that had a grouchy hateful face with hatred-looking eyes... He ask this man if he would come to his studio and pose for the picture. The man agreed.

But as Leonardo begin to paint this man, the man began to weep. Leonardo asks him " why are you weeping?" have I done something wrong? The man replied...... with tear-filled eyes, " No, do you not remember me, Master? I was your Jesus you painted 11 years ago."

Friends inside of us are a Jesus and a Judas. The best version of us and the worst version of us. We must decrease and He must increase. If you do not know the great Savior of your sins, or if you have drifted away from your Savior Jesus Christ, Now is the time to let Him be Lord. I'm praying for you. Let Jesus shine, crush the Judas inside, the hatred, the cruelty, the bias, the raciest. Oh, How we need Jesus. You, oh Lord, are our Salvation.

Who are you in the master painters of the " Last Supper?" Please be the Jesus version.

For the King and His Kingdom. Sarah Tyler Author of:

"My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World" On Amazon, other booksellers OR HERE ON THIS WEBSITE.

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