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Updated: Aug 9, 2021

She fell to the floor with a broken heart. Saying, " God why am I suffering like this"? " I belong to you, I follow you and try to serve you in all the ways thay I can. I have been faithful in knowing that you are my everything., I know the scripture's that give us all your promises, I see your hand of mercy to the fallen, but now I am in so much pain, I begin to feel deserted."

She can be you and it certainly has been me many times in my Christian life. But I want you to read on to what I have discoverd through it all.

So many people look to the blessings of validation of God's presence. But when we examine the lives of those in Scripture who were closest to God, we find tribulation, difficults, and troubles. We can certainly look to the story of Joseph. Genesis 37:1-50

He lived a life of goodness untill his brothers were so jealous of him they devised a plan to start his long life of suffering. But, as you read the story, you see why God allowed his suffering.

You will realize that's what God has in mind for your suffering also. Read on.......

Being blessed is a wonderful thing, but it is not necessarily an indicator of a person's imtimacy with their lord that those that seem to have little pain or struggles in their lives are somehow really blessed by God. See, I have learned that it's through those sufferings that God has used them to fill me with IRON in my soul. .

There's an old song that says," If I never had the problem, I'd never know that God could solve them".

If we as a Christ believer get everything we ask God for, He does say, " call on me , believe , and I will give you what you ask for Mark 11:24 . We would soon become like spoiled children.

God wants you to go through the suffering to fill your soul with IRON. I have found that through my suffering, things happening that I wondered WHY? have been the very things things that God was preparing me for to become the blessing He had in store.

We also go through many different sufferings to be the one used by God to comfort someone else that is going through what we have been through. Nothing like being able to say when you can help to comfort another, " I know what you are going through I have been there."God might allow pain to enter your life for this reason.

Many will tell you only in their problems they realized, "that ; they truly learned to depend on the Lord."

How are we to walk through a dark, suffering world , going through our problems , and not be able to help that person we encounter to comfort them with the same comfor we ourselves have been comforted.?

Ask a former prisioner that found the Lord as his own personal Savior while he was imprisoned. God , my friend, is not being cruel when you go through suffering, He is using that suffering to make you BETTER and if you do not become BITTER, Your suffering does what it was meant to accomplish.

No doubt we are in a "Fallen World". But God still is in total control. He is allowing your suffereing as His child to build the IRON into your soul. Making you that Child of God that will in the long run be used by Him to bring glory to His name.

Finish reading the story of Joseph. My, my, how he was used to save his people. God's plan all alone.

Will you use your suffering to be used by God? Will you use your suffering to help a brother/ sister, to get through their suffering, because you can say, " I know your pain, I'v been there."


For the King and His Kingdom.

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