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We that read our scriptures regularly know that in Bible stories, God has been known to change His mind on our behalf, because of our prayers or someone interceding in prayer for us. Such was the case in 1Kings 17:2-17. Elijah, the prophet, was instructed by God to go to a widow woman, she would feed him, even though the widow woman was preparing to make her last dab of a meal for her and her son, then prepared to die. There was a drought in the land and food was not available.

She under distress did obey God and fed Elijah. A good thing happened because God multiplied her oil and flour against all odds until the drought was over.

Then, from that blessings arose a struggle: Just because God brings you through distress, doesn't mean you won't have another the next day. So it was with the widow lady. Behold: her son dies. She was very mad and ready to give up on God and the prophet. We can understand. But, God shows us that prayer can change that. What He's wanting us to do, is Pray. Elijah, carry's the son up to his bed, lays on him and appeals to God to resurrect this boy, After Elijah prays, falling upon the boy three times, asking God to take Elijah's own life and restore the widow's son, ( a fervent prayer) God changes His mind and lets the boy come back to life.

Friends, We all need someone at a certain time to be our intercessor in prayer. When you are struggling, under dire circumstances, wanting to give up on God, the church, even some Christians, we need an intercessor to go to prayer on our behalf. James 5:16, "the effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

I have learned God will change His mind if we are fervent in our prayer. God changed His mind from the prayer of Moses for his people, God changed His mind for Jonah, Jonah 1:4, when he fled to disobey God. God had a large fish to swallow Jonah. But inside the fish's belly, Jonah prayed to the Lord," In my distress, I called, for help,". "You listened to my cry, You hurled me into the depths of the sea," BUT, when Jonah, saw his need, he remembered his Lord and his prayer rose to God's Holy Temple. God changed His mind on destroying Jonah in the seas because Jonah prayed and ask God to forgive his disobedience to go to Nineveh and preach the gospel as God wanted him to do.

YES, We need prayer, and if we are weak, with fallen arms, we need someone to be our intercessor in prayer on our behalf. I have learned God will change His mind if we are fervent in our prayer. In my moments of fear, through every pain and my tears, there's a God that's been faithful to me. For the King and His Kingdom, Sarah Tyler, Author.

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