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Escaping Hopelessness.

This is a sad but true story that I am sharing today on my " encouraging Blogs".

I know you may say, " how is this encouraging?" But let me relate how no matter what happens in our lives as a Child of the King, He has our best interest always in mind.

It's been right close to one year ago this month that this terrible tragedy took place with a dear friend that my husband and I had known this couple for many years.

We had gone to church with them for years and loved their devotion to each other.

But in this fallen world, things just happen. Now right up front, I want to say, " this did not catch our mighty God unaware." Why He allowed it is what I am going to try and convey to you in this blog.

I will not use any names to protect their privacy. But, this is how it unfolds.

My friend one morning after reading her Bible devotions, and praying as she always did at the start of her day, told her husband, " honey I'm going on my daily walk, it's nice today. I'll see you in a little bit." He then kissed her on the forehead, and said, " ok be careful."

They live in a rural area and her daily walks were along country roads. How peaceful can that be? Just you and God walking and talking. This day was not her usual day.

As she walked her country roads, all of a sudden a car veered over to her side and struck her, knocking her into the side ditch. That vehicle then sped off. YES! a hit and run.

There was another car a little behind that (hit and run) that saw the lady on the side of the road. He pulled up and saw she had a cell phone in her side pocket. When he opened it he saw her husband's picture and was able to contact him on her phone.

Her husband immediately drove to the area and the ambulance was called, tears were shed as she passed away en route to the hospital. Now, God where were you?

We ask ourselves, why! Just as I know you reading this are saying the same on events that have happened in your lives also.

To make things even more unbearable, they found the car that ( hit and ran) but have not to this day been able to say for certain that the man owner of this car was actually driving that morning. Was he drunk, was it him, or did someone else take his car and do this terrible act? The investigation was conducted by the State troopers because it was in the county.

Now back to " where was God?" The husband, even though a firm Christ follower is in total disarray. He has turned on the God of his salvation. Many are praying for him, but he wants to hear none of it. I'm so sad to say, " I do not have the perfect answer." I only know the God that I know and love, the God that sent His son to die on the cross for my sins, and yours is not a God that would allow something like this without it being for our good.

I feel like the wife of Job that came to Job in scripture and told him to curse God and die. Job 2:9. How can I say that knowing the God that I love? We know she is in glory and no way would she want to come back after seeing her heavenly home. So let's look at " WHY" We know that God is sovereign and does not cause bad things, He allows for His reason. It seems we go through bad things because we then are able to comfort others that have bad things happen. Those with battle scars can better help those going through battles.

This was my case when I went through my sister's SUICIDE. WHY! I ask God but He has in these many years since let me comfort those that have gone through what I went through. My ebook SUICIDE on Amazon has touched and helped many, souls find Jesus.

So... I say we do not have the mind of Christ, we never think as He does, but, if we truly know the God of the Bible, we know He " does all things well". "His heart is for you, and His ways are perfect" Psalms 18:30. he shields all those that trust in Him. Will justice be done to the unconvicted ( hit and run driver) Yes, I say,

Romans 12:19-21" Vengeance is Mine, I will repay," says the Lord. "Weeping

may endure for the night, but Joy will come in the morning."Psalms 30:5"

For the King and His Kingdom.

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