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I'm Kind of Homesick for that City

That city, I've never seen before, but I've been told just how beautiful it will be.

I got up this morning to yet another day that the news is not what I would have loved it to be.

I saw the sun and said, " thank you Lord for the sunshine".

Then I turned on the news to see that there is yet more struggles, pain, suffering all over the world.

At this date there is a terrific hurricane on it's way into my sisters area. A sister I dearly love and wanted to see her for her birthday this year, in October, but was warned that this is not the best time to come and visit Florida. It's Hurricane season.

Then I hear that inflation is rising higher and higher, interest rates are on the climb making it rough for people to buy a home that they were so inticapating.

The homes of families are suffering as they try to provide food, shelter, gas for their cars.

Lord, this could be a very " hopeless time", but I know , because I know you, that nothing is catching you by surprise. I still must confess,my Savior that I am thinking more and more about all my loved ones that have already gone on before.

Those that I knew, without any shadow of doubt that they had accepted you, Jesus as their own personal savior, and I know they are there with you as I write this blog.

I must admit, Lord, I am kind of homesick for that city. The city of God that I will no more have to wake up and shed tears over this sad, evil world that we are in right now.

So, I reach out to you, my heavenly Father and say, I know our time is drawing closer and closer to your lifting those of (us that have trusted Jesus as Savior,) out of this sin-sick world. But then I have to say, I'm kind of homesick, can it be soon Lord? Can you spare your children that are really hurting, struggling, reading about the mansion you have prepared for us in glory, and wanting to see our loved ones that have gone on before?

You say Lord, " I will take you OUT-OF, Thessaloians 4:17 and we know that in this world we will have tribulations, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. John 16:33. So... I wait for that trumpet sound that we will hear that ushers us up into the heavens,wishing that many more would have prepared for their home-going before it is

TOO LATE! Today is the day of salvation, friend seek the Savior.

I took Jesus as my personal Savior in 1969. From reading 1John 5:11-12. I knew then that I have eternal life. Thank you Jesus, for the blood. Now I find it hard to wait, I 'm kind-of homesick for that city. The city of God.

For the King and His Kingdom

and Contributing writer for

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