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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I had a very precious and tears shedding moment from a text that my daughter-in-law sent a couple of days ago.

She said our little 5, almost 6 years old now grandson wanted nana to see the box he had made. There was this video attached to the text.

Xander had made this box and on it was a drawing of Jesus, a Big cross, with a drawing of Jesus on that cross. I texted back to see what he was going to use the box for. I figured it was to have his upcoming birthday presents to be put into. This was before I watched the video she had sent with the text. I'm bad at looking at the picture and not realizing it is a video.

When I played the video, my heart began to weep. As his precious little voice said:

"I'm going to write my prayers on a paper, ( yes he is able to write with a little help from his mom) Then I'm going to put them in the prayer box for Jesus to answer. After Jesus answers that prayer, I'll take it out. What amazing confidence and faith of a little child.

The words I caught that touched my heart were: AFTER JESUS ANSWERS THAT WRITTEN PRAY, I'LL TAKE IT OUT OF THE BOX. FAITH, FAITH, of a small child.

And, I go on to tell you, the first prayer that was written on a paper, that I saw on the text to be put into the prayer box was: for his daddy.

Our son, his daddy, had an accident years ago, had to have a rod and pins put in his leg. Over the years the pins have worn and rubbed to where he was beginning to have problems of swelling, pain, and now he is out of commission until an Orthopedic Dr. next week, can see what is the best thing to do. This is so like this amazing little man, Xander, to have that be his first prayer written and put into his prayer box.

friends, I know Jesus says in His Word, "Suffer not the little children to come unto me."Mathew 19:14. " We even must come with child-like faith to give our hearts, surrender our souls to Jesus as Savior.

My heart was pierced to the core, Not only for him having a prayer box, we all need that, but the first prayer was for the healing of his daddy. I texted back and said," And He will heal your dad." God heard and seen that little boy's written prayer and our merciful God will heal our son, his daddy's leg.

Lord, we commit to you our prayer from a child-like faith that will be heard and answered in your mercy and grace. Thank you, Lord, that we have you as our Savior and you have nothing but GOOD to those that love you. Romans 8:28. Oh, What a Savior!, Jesus my Lord.

Xander's first written prayer to Jesus to put in his Prayer Box. Heal Dad, Jesus. Amen.

For the King and His Kingdom. Sarah Tyler Author.

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Jul 18, 2020

THANK YOU 🙌 For sharing, That touched my ❤️ as well . I show my grandbabies what FAITH can do ! Beautiful ❤️ Also , I THANKED GOD as well in advance for your son , Xanders daddy a HEALING MIRACLE 💯 God BLESS You and your family and have a wonderful, safe weekend 🙌

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